Will ApeCoin leave the Ethereum blockchain?

Will ApeCoin leave the Ethereum blockchain?

A community proposal to keep ApeCoin on the Ethereum blockchain took a surprising turn over the weekend.

Community Proposal PSA to Retain ApeCoin

Ethereum on the Ethereum blockchain

A surprising turnaround took place over the weekend.

what you should know
On June 3, a member of the ApeCoin community submitted the AIP-41 proposal to keep APEs in the Ethereum ecosystem.

“Yuga Labs stated in a tweet that they believe ApeCoin needs to move to their own chain for scaling. We at ApeCoin DAO believe that, at least for now, ApeCoin should stay in the Ethereum ecosystem and not migrate elsewhere to L1 chains or situations not protected by Ethereum,”the proposal states.

“While gas fees and transaction speed may be an issue for some on Ethereum, especially when considering the desire to grow the ApeCoin ecosystem, removing it from the Ethereum ecosystem is not necessary, it may be it will harm the interests of ApeCoin holders. Dao”.

As of Saturday night, Decrypt reported that more than 91 percent of APE holders had voted for the proposal, while only 9 percent supported migrating to a different blockchain.

However, as of Monday morning, there was a vote to leave Ethereum.

At the last consultation, 52% voted against the proposal and 47% voted in favor. Voting will close on June 9, after which no other migration proposals will be accepted if approved.

price fluctuation​
After a 24-hour tracking period, ETH traded up 4.5% to $1,876, according to Benzinga Pro. APE rose 4.3 percent to $6.53 over the same period.

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