politics“I don’t know if it’s enough to cause so much laughter”, Marta Flich

“I don’t know if it’s enough to cause so much laughter”, Marta Flich

Good news: the future is up to you.

Elections are a great opportunity to get to know each other better because they reveal the essence of being human. How much does the environment affect us? How do we relativize what matters? Far-right populism seeks to change norms, respect and education, paralyzing any progress and hindering dialogue.

It is sometimes necessary to explain absolutely fundamental and fundamental issues to the aspiring person, because here on Earth this person talks about Pluto with a conscience and intent. Political fiction becomes powerful in a non-existent reality. On scorched earth, the only thing that grows is chaos, and what is known to be true is distorted to produce debates that do not exist.

Target? Questioning reality, opening debates that don’t exist, releasing meaningless data to slow down debates of ideas and facts, changing the focus of what matters, naive and confusing the basic and fundamental work that politics does. Deny progress and make the most of ridicule. mission completed!

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