North Korea, Bitcoin, Glyphosate… Information to Remember at 8am

Pyongyang claims to be a nuclear state capable of striking the American continent
North Korea said on Wednesday it had achieved its goal of becoming a nuclear state after successfully testing a new intercontinental missile that would put “the entire American continent” within reach. The shooting — the first since September 15 — dashed hopes of a truce.

Bitcoin price exceeds $10,000
After weeks of unprecedented dazzling outbursts, the price of bitcoin crossed the symbolic threshold of $10,000 on the first exchanges on Wednesday, at $10,058 in Asia. Its value has doubled tenfold since the start of the year, leading some observers to worry about the risk of a financial bubble.

Can France ban glyphosate in three years?
The glyphosate case on Monday, November 27 took a double twist. First, Europe has decided to extend the mandate of the controversial herbicide for five years due to a surprise vote in Germany. Subsequently, France declared its opposition to the EU’s choice, giving itself three years to withdraw from pesticides.

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