New Dogecoin Update Coming in June

New Dogecoin Update Coming in June

The new version contains several updates, including fixes for some existing potential vulnerabilities.

New Dogecoin Reportedly

The 1.14.6 update was released on the 14th of this month.

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According to the release plan written by Dogecoin core developer Patrick Lodder, the new version contains several updates, including fixes to some existing potential vulnerabilities.

In the “must have” section of the update checklist are fixes to known Bitcoin vulnerabilities Bitcoin Insider

. This is because Dogecoin is largely based on the Bitcoin code with some modified parameters.

Another must-have feature is item #2964, which makes the Dogecoin Core wallet cheaper to use.

“We did some research to see if most miners actually upgraded and it turned out to be so, so we’re excited! Launching this will be a huge milestone as 4/5 of the fee schedule is done,”Lodder said in a statement. wrote on the dogcoindev forum on Reddit.

The Dogecoin fee reduction program has been the focus of developers since the launch of Dogecoin Core 1.14.5 last year. After the last review, Tesla’s CEO rated the proposed fee relief as “significant.”

, Elon Musk, meme cryptocurrency proponent.

Dogecoin developers claim that they included input from various security researchers and implemented methods to make the network more secure and stable.

The update will also do some “trimming” to the UI to make room for users running the main wallet on the desktop.

“This helps people who just want to run a core wallet, because now they only need about 4GB of disk space on their desktop instead of 54GB or more,” Lodder noted.

Dogecoin core files can also be translated into several new languages, including Chinese, Korean, Persian, Italian, French, Dutch, and Tamil.

“Multilingual and international,” comments Lodder. “It looks like we can actually release 1.14.6 by the end of June,” he added.

price fluctuation​
According to data from Benzinga Pro, DOGE is up 5% in the past 24 hours and is trading at $0.07.

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