‘He doesn’t want to tell me how much he won, he’s afraid we’ll stop pocket money’: Parents of crypto players

‘He doesn’t want to tell me how much he won, he’s afraid we’ll stop pocket money’: Parents of crypto players

Their descendants, who speculate on Bitcoin and invest in the metaverse, oscillate between worry and pride. without knowing their cryptographic operations.

Until now, things have been simple. There are people who invest seriously, and there are people who spend money in casinos. CSP+ baby boomers watched Bitcoin and other video game purchases first, and one reserved pathetic fun for the second group. That all changed when their own children dared to invest in the metaverse.

Here they are suddenly torn between shame and pride, between vertigo and feeling outdated. Are they hiding under the roof when it comes to their offspring, those who have a head start, or a ball that will hasten their loss? They feel it’s no better to speculate on something that doesn’t exist than to play online poker, but if their kids’ trade school friends are doing the same, will it get worse?

How do we identify them?
They avoid the topic until their friends in the same situation bring it up first. They celebrate intellectual processes: curiosity, the speed at which their children learn the subject. As a family, they shy away from the subject, but take great pride when their wealthy friends ask their kids about it as they pass by for a drink. They would love to have some explanation for the value of work, but they know very well that building a legacy around them is not through work.

how they talk
“He told me he had an envelope for sports betting, online betting and bitcoin.” Can you turn down the volume on the crypto podcast? I don’t like boys’ voices. “You have $100,000, okay, but virtual?” “But if you need to pay your bills, can you get that money back?” “After all, when we sold our Amazon stock in 1999, we didn’t No better.” They remind me of Russian loanwords from our grandparents’ generation. “He won’t tell me how much he won. Maybe because he’s afraid we’ll stop pocket money.»

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“He buys NFTs, but at least he doesn’t trade.” What scares me is the lure of making a living. “He didn’t put a lot of money into unknown cryptocurrencies. To me, it was a bit like playing chess.” Does showing off on Instagram make 10 bucks any different? »

“At this stage of my life, there are things I don’t want to do, like being interested in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.” “I probably worked in a bank, and when my sons told me about it, I was dumped.” This very scary. “If he wins a lot, I’ll know. “I feel like I’m reliving 1981 and free radio.” It’s just for the boys, right? ” »

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