Gasoline prices hit record for second week in a row

Gasoline prices hit record for second week in a row

Costs rose 3.7 percent from the previous week, according to data published in the EU Oil Bulletin on Thursday.

Petrol hit an all-time high for the second time in a row after selling at an average price of 1,917 euros a litre last week, while diesel is getting closer to its record, although both fuels include a public bonus of 20 cents a litre.

The average price per liter of diesel sold in Spain once discounts are applied, according to data published this Thursday by the European Union (EU) Oil Bulletin, which includes the average price registered at more than 11,400 Spanish filling stations between June 7 and 13 1,803 euros.

At these prices, gasoline costs rose 3.7% from the previous week, breaking the previous record of 1,848 vehicles recorded seven days earlier, while diesel rose 5.1% after a second straight weekly rise, just 1.9% below the all-time record.

In addition, if the mandatory government-mandated discounts are excluded, petrol will surpass €2 per litre for the second time in history, reaching €2,117, while diesel will surpass €2,003 per litre for the first time in history….​

These gains were largely driven by higher oil prices, which have resumed their upward trend in recent weeks amid tight supply and demand following the European Union’s embargo on imports of Russian crude.

To ease the impact of rising petrol and diesel prices on citizens, the government is extending the 20-cent-a-litre bonus for three months, initially until June 30.

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