Dacxi Announces the Next Wave in Blockchain Technology: Crypto 4.0

Dacxi Announces the Next Wave in Blockchain Technology: Crypto 4.0

A new wave of blockchain technology has arrived, with Dacxi announcing its new Crypto 4.0 technology to boost the crowdfunding space

Crypto 4.0 is the next wave of blockchain technology – the wave of applications. Dacxi Chain’s tokenized crowdfunding aims to lead the way with a $1 trillion use case.

With Crypto 4.0, there may be a plethora of blockchain-based applications that offer practical solutions to hitherto unsolvable real-world problems. The tokenization of digital assets in particular commercializes the potential of blockchain and promises to bring financial freedom to billions of people around the world.

Opportunities for Crypto Investors
IBM estimates that the tokenized venture capital market alone is worth $1 trillion, proving the enormous potential value of Dacxi’s unique Crypto 4.0 use case, Dacxi Chain, the world’s first tokenized crowdfunding ecosystem.

Venture capital funding has never reached its full potential anywhere in the world. Despite the trillion-dollar investment demand for global startups, it is still limited by the lack of available capital and the number of potential investors.

Dacxi Chain’s tokenized crowdfunding aims to make financing and access to equity easier and cheaper than ever before.

“The equity crowdfunding industry is currently worth $10 billion,” said Dacxi CEO Ian Lowe. “With the necessary systems like Dacxi Chain, we believe the tokenized crowdfunding industry alone can reach a $1 trillion valuation within the next few years.”

Daxci Coin Powers the Dacxi Chain
Dacxi Coin is an inherent property of the Dacxi Chain, allowing investments to be transferred globally, instantly and cheaply. Dacxi Coin will also be used to pay blockchain fees, stake blockchain nodes, and enable global token sales.

Dacxi Chain is poised to unlock tens of billions of dollars in crowdfunding. Tokenization could turn crowdfunding into a trillion-dollar industry. Achieving this goal may require tens of billions of dollars worth of Dacxi coins.

Connecting a whole new world of innovation and success
“Millions of people and billions of dollars will flow into the market, energizing countless new projects around the world,” said Fernando Pacheco, Dacxi’s product manager. “Creating the largest investment opportunity the cryptocurrency world has ever seen.”

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