Brief appearance of numbers, Bertrand wants Macron to debate key candidate… Political news of the day

On day 32 of the first round, candidates detailed their proposals, from digital sovereignty to Bitcoin regulation.

News of the day: Between sovereignty and cryptocurrencies, candidates talk numbers
“Machine learning”, “blockchain”, “cloud”, “data”: Valerie Pecresse has just started speaking, the tone from the presidential election candidate hearing, gathered in the Convergences Numeriques collective in front of tech entrepreneurs, is given.

On Wednesday afternoon at the Cirque d’hiver in Paris, eight candidates or candidate representatives gave quick speeches — five minutes of oral presentations, ten minutes of public discussion — to launch their shows on a wide range of topics to “finally bring digital technology to life.” at the centre of the action”, as Valerie Pecresse welcomes.

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It is rare that all candidates agree on the importance of French “digital sovereignty”. But the means are different depending on the candidate’s political line: Jean-Luc Melenchon proposes the creation of a “French cloud, made of free software [an important axis of the candidate’s campaign identity] and coerced by the public and the strategic sector”. Marine Le Pen wants to follow national preferences in certain public orders, and Valerie Pecresse proposes to reserve 50% of public service cloud tenders for European players. These three, along with Yannick Jadot, Anne Hidalgo and Eric Zemmour, support the “Buy Europe Act,” the community preference.

The numbers also include cryptocurrencies, an emerging area of use in France where most candidates first demand a regulatory framework before encouraging its development — Mr Jadot’s team also told Le Monde that environmental candidates want to “regulate” crypto currencies, as they can be “environmentally damaging”. In a series of remarks that brought together public opinion following Yannick Jado’s visit, observers noted that the latter first wanted to be “responsible”, stressing “sober” and insisting on the EU’s role in the field as a member of the European Parliament.​

Photo of the Day: Jean LaSalle begins his French tour on the campaign bus
Resistons! candidate Jean Lassalle drops off at Mauleon-Licharre (Pyrenees-Atlantiques) on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.
Resistons! candidate Jean Lassalle dropped off at Moleon-Lichar (Pyrenees-Atlantique) on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. GAIZKA IROZ / AFP
Bearn’s deputy and presidential candidate, Jean LaSalle, began his campaign tour on Wednesday on a bus bearing his image. “Leaving my hometown of Lourdios-Ichère and starting a new trip to France to meet you, I say hello to my friends and see the way I have walked since I was a child in this corner of paradise. A lot of emotion and joy,”he said in a post on Twitter.

From the town of the movement resistance leader! After 42 years as mayor, Jean Lassalle traveled to Pyrenees-Atlantiques where he had to hold his first meeting in the evening. He also stopped in the town of Oloron-Sainte-Marie to present his plans for public health, specifically wanting to have a hospital within a 40-minute drive that can be used by all…

Proposal of the day: Xavier Bertrand wants Emmanuel Macron to debate key candidate
If Emmanuel Macron didn’t want to face eleven opponents at the same time, maybe he would agree to take turns debating with four candidates? That’s what RTL guest Xavier Bertrand advocated on Wednesday. A supporter of the former Republican (LR) party convention nominee, now Valerie Pecresse, proposes to the candidate president, four debates between now and the first round of the presidential election on April 10, with each debate in the polls of the other four best candidates.

“I want to understand that the 12-man debate [is] certainly not easy,” Mr Bertrand agreed on RTL, while the head of state dismissed the idea of holding such a debate on Monday, which would be government spokesman Gabriel Attal said had degenerated into “a tight race”. For Mr. Bertrand, Ms. Pecresse’s work and territorial adviser, “our country needs confrontation”: he therefore proposes to organize four debates in rotation with Valerie Pecresse, Eric Zemmour, Jean-Luc Melenchon and Marine Le Pen.

Word of the day: “We must have a useful president, not just a useful vote”, according to François Hollande
While La France insoumise (LFI) candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon has been ahead of his left-wing rivals for weeks in voting intentions and now imagines himself capable of making it to the second round, he has become one of the top French frontrunners on Wednesday morning. President Francois Hollande at Inter Milan, France.

For Mr Hollande, “you have to have a useful president, not just a useful vote”. “When I ran for president [in 2012], it was to win the presidential election. That’s not a feature,”he explained.

Instead of targeting Nicolas Sarkozy, as he did in 2012, the former socialist president launched a backlash against Mr. Melenchon: “It won’t be useful if there is a president from the Atlantic alliance,” he said. Say. He started by saying. “It doesn’t work to have a president who puts Russia and democracies on both sides of the negotiating table, it doesn’t work to have a president who gradually leaves Europe, and it doesn’t work to have a president who wants to overhaul institutions but doesn’t know what to use. to replace them.»

Election campaign in the ‘world’ archives… In 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy pledged to stop politics in the event of a failed presidential election
The World Archive for March 9, 2012.
Le Monde archive of March 9, 2012. LE MONDE
Nicolas Sarkozy declared: “I will have a very good political career. It could have been 2022, like looking back on forty years of public life. But that was March 9, 2012: Post at the Elysee Palace, the former mayor of Hauts-de-Seine says he is happy with his career, opposes RMC journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdain, and promises not to prosecute him if he goes to his socialist Rival Francois Hollande bows his head

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