Bitcoin or Ethereum: Which will grow more in 2022?

Bitcoin or Ethereum: Which will grow more in 2022?

Let us take a look at the results of a survey conducted by Benzinga of over 500 different investors and traders.

Every week, Benzinga conducts a poll to find out what traders like most, care about or consider most when it comes to managing and building their personal portfolio.

This week, we asked Benzinga traders the following question: Which cryptocurrency will have the highest percentage gain next year, Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Benzinga users gave their opinions and most believe that Bitcoin will be the fastest growing by the end of the year:

Bitcoin (BTC): 56.5%.
Ethereum (ETH): 43.5%.
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In the survey we also asked: Do you think investing in cryptocurrencies is mainly an opportunity or a risk?

Given the contingencies created around the world by the coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that markets have been volatile last year.

In the process, how do Benzinga readers view cryptocurrency investing in 2021, primarily as an opportunity to make money or as a risk of currency loss?

With overwhelming results, Benzinga users see this type of investment as an opportunity, with over 64% of respondents emphasizing that they see cryptocurrency trading as an opportunity:

Investing in cryptocurrencies is primarily an opportunity: 64.2%.
Investing in cryptocurrencies is primarily a risk: 35.8%.
Last month, our team covered eight stocks to keep an eye on Bitcoin’s recovery.

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or the new Marathon Patent Group Inc.
Marathon Digital HoldingsX
Nasdaq Mara
0.42 (4.26%)
Quantity: 13.97M
Opening price: 9.81 – 10.48
52 weeks: 8.53 – 83

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, which is actively investing in Bitcoin mining equipment. Digital payments company PayPal Holdings Inc.

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The survey, conducted by Benzinga in January 2021, includes responses from a sample of the adult population over the age of 18.

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary and no incentives are offered to potential respondents. The study reflected results from more than 500 adults.

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