‘Axie Infinity’ creators release ‘Axie Infinity: Origins’

‘Axie Infinity’ creators release ‘Axie Infinity: Origins’

Sky Mavis, creator of the successful cryptocurrency game Axie Infinity, just released the sequel to the game “Axie Infinity: Origin”

Sky Mavis, creator of successful gaming money-making crypto game Axie Infinity

, AXS), just released the sequel to the game Axie Infinity: Origin.

What happened
“Axie Infinity: Origin” is now playable, although it’s still in Early Access, Sky Mavis announced in a post on Thursday. New games will be developed in the coming weeks and months.

All Axie Infinity Market accounts have now been migrated to the Sky Mavis account system. To play a new game, users must log into Mavis Hub and install it.

“Axie Infinity: Origin” allows you to log in with the same email and password credentials as previous versions of the game. New players can register through the login screen to create a new account and start playing right away.

“Axie Infinity: Origin” features free starting Axies, new Axie art, sequential rounds, energy and cards that reset each round, card swaps, eye and ear cards, runes and amulets as power-ups, and a replacement key The anger mechanic hits.

Runes and runes unrelated to non-fungible tokens were introduced in Early Access, and future updates will implement them as NFTs. Some runes, amulets, and other items can be crafted without the Silky Love Potion

It will be needed in the future in early access.

Free Starter Axies are not NFTs and are designed to let you run the main game for free without using cryptocurrencies and tokens. The Early Access version of the game does not reward SLP or AXS tokens, but the original game will continue to pay these rewards.

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