$231M in Bitcoin purchases may be coming to an end

$231M in Bitcoin purchases may be coming to an end

Let’s see why apex cryptocurrency was acquired for $231 million

On-chain data, Terra

may be working for another bitcoin

Buy ready.

According to Etherscan data shared by Larry Cermak on Twitter, Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) sent Tether USDT

Worth $231 million to cryptocurrency exchange Binance on Wednesday.

Last week, the same address purchased $125 million worth of Bitcoin, setting the stage for Terra’s long-term plan to buy $10 billion worth of BTC for its reserves.

Cermak, vice president of research at The Block, estimates that there are about $610 million left in ethereum wallets. Ethereum

This may be managed by Jump Trading.

Meanwhile, LFG-related bitcoin wallets hold more than 33,000 bitcoins, worth about $1.5 billion.

The latest bitcoin purchases pushed LUNA up 10% in a single day, taking it to an all-time high above $105 on March 29.

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